"An Act of Dishonesty" is a scene of Inside Out. In it, Riley Andersen steals her mother's credit card in order to afford her trip back to Minnesota.

In Inside OutEdit

Having previously planned to steal money from Mom, Riley descends down the stairs and observes Mom talking on the phone about the moving van status. She then approaches Mom's purse, pulls a wallet out of it and pulls a credit card out of the wallet. Mom, originally, is none the wiser, but as Riley has taken out the credit card, looks at her purse; however, once she does, Riley is nowhere to be seen. The scene then cuts to Riley going back upstairs, with Mom talking on the phone as previously.

In parodiesEdit

This scene is yet to appear in any Inside Out parody in a major way.

Minor appearances of this scene include The Emotions react to the results of Eurovision Song Contest 2016, in which the scene is suggestive of the same thing as Inside Out itself, but this time covering Riley's trip from Saint Petersburg, Russia to Kyiv, Ukraine.

Stage directionsEdit

Source: (official release by Disney, but now removed from the original website)

Capitalization and punctuation is preserved from the original source.

Stage directions

Riley sneaks down the stairs. Mom is on the phone in the kitchen with her back to Riley.

(on phone)
But I just don’t understand, why did our moving van even go to Texas?

Riley spots Mom’s purse on the table.

Multiple customers?

Riley opens the purse.

Well, we were promised delivery on the fifth. Uh-huh.

Riley takes out Mom’s credit card. She pauses. Is she really doing this? Suddenly Mom turns. Riley panics.

Mom looks up. Empty room.

(still on phone)
Excuse me, isn’t there any way that you can rush it?

Riley slips off with the credit card.


  • The writing on Mom's credit card has caused some debate among Inside Out fans.
    • On July 7, 2015, a dubious bit of trivia predating verification via the home media release was added to the Disney Wiki, claiming that the name on the credit card is, in fact, "K. Ann Anderson". People have since debated this, analyzing the handwriting; this is partly confounded by Riley's thumb covering some of the space where the name goes, and hence, others read it as "..ll Andersen" instead, assuming that "Ji" is covered.
    • Some people on TV Tropes suggest that "K. Ann Andersen" is Jill's legal name, whereas "Jill" is simply something she told her future husband, Bill Andersen, likely to have their names rhyme.
    • Theorist Seamus Gorman suggests that K. Ann Anderson is the mother of Bonnie Anderson from Toy Story 3. This is partially supported by the children in Sunnyside Daycare in Toy Story 3, Riley's classmates in Inside Out and the schoolchildren in Finding Dory all being based on the same character models, suggesting that the three franchises take place in the same universe and roughly around the same locality. This, coupled with the sudden and unexpected move of the Andersens from Minnesota to San Francisco and Jill's unemployment, led Seamus to believe that Jill is a wanted fugitive who stole K. Ann's credit card shortly after moving.
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