Angry German Kid parodies are a form of subtitle parodies that use the 2000s viral video Echter Gangster - PC spielen ("Real Gangster - PC games"), which later attained the English title "Angry German Kid", as their primary source. Their main character is Leopold Slikk, who, in the original video, rages over misfortunes related to playing the game Unreal Tournament, but who, in parodies, can wildly react to virtually anything. In addition to being a meme in his own right, Leopold is a commonly accepted crossover character of Downfall parodies, and consequently, Inside Out parodies, with "Riley Andersen vs. the Angry German Kid" being the most watched Inside Out parody to date.

The origins of AGK parodies are less clear than those of Downfall or Inside Out parodies, but it is generally believed that the earliest serial parodists started making parodies around 2008 or 2009. As the original viral video was rather limiting, a mythology was quickly developed around Leopold, including both his family members and his school staff, as well as characters of other viral videos, such as Stephen Quire from "Greatest freak out ever" and its follow-ups.

Besides Leopold, the most notable AGK parody characters are his family members, including his parents Harold and Mary and his brothers Leonard and Leonidas, and his school staff, including Principal Diknoz (portrayed by an AGK parody video, "Crazy angry German kid assistant") and Ms. Sukscox. AGK parodies also tend to involve their own creators and other community members as characters, as a form of self-insertion. However, there is no consistent agreed canon of AGK parodies, and variant names, such as "Roland" for Harold, also appear.

People who create AGK parodies are known as "Slikkers". Their primary community hub is the Angry German Kid Wiki, where aspiring Slikkers place their episode ideas and scripts long before ever even starting to make parodies. Contests and collaborations are significantly less prevalent between Slikkers than between Untergangers, and prominent Slikkers also often take part in other, related communities, such as Untergangers, Michael Rosen parodies and YouTube Poops.

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The following Inside Out parodies by CreativityTheEmotion feature Angry German Kid parody concepts:

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