The Grand Unified Inside Out Scenes Database, as originally published.

A listing of Inside Out scenes was released by CreativityTheEmotion on January 21, 2018, under the moniker "The Grand Unified Inside Out Scenes Database (GUIOSDb)", parodying the name of a project by the Unterganger community to catalogue all of Downfall. As five of its scenes match up with four mini-series based on those scenes as seen on CreativityTheEmotion's YouTube channel, they therefore can be taken as a definitive resource of the structure of Inside Out.

In addition to tracking scenes, The Grand Unified Inside Out Scenes Database also tracks the time of day, as experienced by Riley Andersen's emotions via her sleep schedule, and the number of Islands of Personality that Riley has.

Scene listEdit

#SceneNotable for
-Disney and Pixar logos (opening)
  • Vanity plates of both companies
  • Features "Bundle of Joy"
1Riley, Age Zero
  • The scene with "Do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head?"
  • Introduces Joy and Sadness
2Joy and her Coworkers
  • Introduces Fear, Disgust and Anger
3Riley's Memories and Islands of Personality
  • Introduces the Islands of Personality
4Riley's Life Montage
  • Various moments of Riley's life in Minnesota
5The Big Move
  • Kick-off of the plot in the outside world: the Andersens move to San Francisco
6The New House
  • The scene with "A DEAD MOUSE!"
  • The scene where the Andersens play hockey with crumpled up paper
7The Time Outside
  • The scene with broccoli pizza
  • The scene where Riley remembers the time with the dinosaur
  • Introduces Sadness's capability to alter memories
8Joy vs. Sadness
  • Introduces Meg
9Before Riley is informed
  • First real argument between the emotions
10Riley is informed
  • The scene where Riley is told to be happy
11Joy vs. Dream Productions
  • The scene which reiterates much of what happened previously in a dream
12Joy Dancing Scene
  • The scene where Joy dances to a memory of Riley's
13Joy plans
  • The scene where Joy plans for Riley's first day of school
  • The scene with the Circle of Sadness
14The Walk to School
15Breakdown at Class
  • Kick-off of the plot in Riley's mind: Joy and Sadness leave Headquarters
16The Journey to Long-Term Memory
  • The scene where Joy and Sadness arrive near Goofball Island
17Assessing the Damage
  • The scene where Joy resolves to go back to Headquarters via Goofball Island
18Dinner Table Scene
  • First scene of Inside Out revealed via trailers
  • First feature of the parents' emotions
  • The scene where Riley slams the table
19Back to the Quarters
  • The scene where Goofball Island falls
20Hiking through the Maze
  • The scene where Joy and Sadness walk through Long-Term Memory
21The Forgetters
  • Introduces the Forgetters
  • Introduces the TripleDent Gum jingle
22Riley Andersen vs. Meg
  • The scene where Riley cuts Meg off
  • "Riley Andersen vs. the Angry German Kid" is the most watched Inside Out parody to date
23Friendship Island Post-Mortem
  • The scene where Friendship Island falls
24Meeting Bing Bong
  • Introduces Bing Bong
25Reminiscing Riley and Bing Bong
  • Shows many memories of Riley and Bing Bong together
  • Exposition on Bing Bong
26The Journey
  • Introduces Bing Bong's bag
  • The scene where Riley sits down to eat lunch at school alone
28Abstract Thought Activation
  • The scene where Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong almost become abstractions
29A Mayoral Tour
  • Introduces Imagination Land
  • First physical appearance of Bing Bong's rocket
30Hockey Tryouts
  • The scene where Riley fails at hockey
31Sometimes, Loss is Important
  • The scene where Hockey Island falls
  • The scene where Bing Bong's rocket falls
  • The scene where Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong first board the Train of Thought
32Anger plans (part 1)
  • The scene where Anger first has the idea to go back to Minnesota
33A Studio in the Mind
  • Introduces Dream Productions
34Riley's Nightmare
  • The scene where Riley's "no pants" dream happens
35A Sudden Interruption
  • The scene where Riley's "no pants" dream is interrupted by Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong
36Following the Guards
  • The scene where Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong are locked up in the Subconscious
37Riley's Darkest Fears
  • Introduces various objects and creatures in the Subconscious
38Freeing Bing Bong and Jangles
  • The scene where Joy and Sadness free Bing Bong
  • The scene where Joy decides to wake Riley up using Jangles
39Waking Up in Cold Sweat
  • The scene where Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong break out of the Subconscious
40Anger plans (part 2)
  • The scene where Anger puts in the idea to go back to Minnesota
41Discussion on the Train
  • Introduces the twisty tree memory
42An Act of Dishonesty
  • The scene where Riley steals Mom's credit card
  • Is it "Jill Andersen" or "K. Ann Anderson"?
43Joy Gets the News
  • The scene where Honesty Island falls
44Preparing for the Trip
  • The scene where Riley packs for her trip to Minnesota
45An Act of Desperation
  • The scene where Family Island begins to fall
  • The scene where Joy and Bing Bong fall
46All Hope Lost
  • The scene where Joy desperately tries to get out of the Dump
47Memories Long Lost
  • The scene where Joy breaks down
48The Purpose of Sadness
  • Turn-around for Joy: she realizes the purpose of Sadness
49Making it Upwards
50Onset of Depression for Sadness
  • The scene where Riley enters the bus station
  • The scene where Joy finds Sadness on a cloud
51Onset of Depression for Riley
  • The scene where Riley's console starts to go dark
52Joy's Absolutely Crazy Retrieval
  • The scene with the imaginary boyfriend tower
53Breaking the Window
  • Climax of the plot in Riley's mind: Joy and Sadness return to Headquarters
54Undoing the Damage
  • Climax of the plot in the outside world and turn-around for Riley: she exits the bus and runs back to her parents
55Revealing What You've Done
  • The scene where Riley reveals that she misses home
  • The scene where Riley hugs her parents
  • The scene with the new Islands
  • The scene with the new console
57Parent/Daughter Bonding
  • Second and last feature of the parents' emotions
59Playing for the Foghorns
  • The scene where Riley doesn't fail at hockey
60Emotions, Overall
  • Credits scene
  • The only feature of emotions other than those of the Andersens and Jordan
-Cast and Crew (with side bubbles)
  • Includes the cast listing
-Cast and Crew (without side bubbles)
  • Includes the dedication
-Disney and Pixar logos (closing)
  • Vanity plates of both companies

Scene lengthsEdit

Scene lengths
Disney and Pixar logos (opening)0:00:000:00:450:45
Riley, Age Zero0:00:450:02:582:13
Joy and her Coworkers0:02:580:04:371:39
Riley's Memories and Islands of Personality0:04:370:05:531:16
Riley's Life Montage0:05:530:07:211:28
The Big Move0:07:210:08:551:34
The New House0:08:550:11:232:28
The Time Outside0:11:230:13:262:03
Joy vs. Sadness0:13:260:15:452:19
Before Riley is informed0:15:450:16:471:02
Riley is informed0:16:470:18:271:40
Joy vs. Dream Productions0:18:270:19:220:55
Joy Dancing Scene0:19:220:20:010:39
Joy plans0:20:010:21:351:34
The Walk to School0:21:350:22:120:37
Breakdown at Class0:22:120:25:213:09
The Journey to Long-Term Memory0:25:210:25:530:32
Assessing the Damage0:25:530:26:470:54
Dinner Table Scene0:26:470:30:103:23
Back to the Quarters0:30:100:32:222:12
Hiking through the Maze0:32:220:34:392:17
The Forgetters0:34:390:35:551:16
Riley Andersen vs. Meg (intro)0:35:550:35:590:04
The Forgetters (outro)0:35:590:36:020:03
Riley Andersen vs. Meg0:36:020:36:380:36
Friendship Island Post-Mortem0:36:380:37:330:55
Meeting Bing Bong0:37:330:38:451:12
Reminiscing Riley and Bing Bong0:38:450:40:051:20
The Journey0:40:050:41:281:23
Abstract Thought Activation0:41:440:43:552:11
A Mayoral Tour0:43:550:45:201:25
Hockey Tryouts0:45:200:46:531:33
Sometimes, Loss is Important0:46:530:50:043:11
Anger plans (part 1)0:50:040:51:351:31
A Studio in the Mind0:51:350:52:451:10
Riley's Nightmare0:52:450:54:251:40
A Sudden Interruption0:54:250:55:481:23
Following the Guards0:55:480:56:350:47
Riley's Darkest Fears0:56:350:57:270:52
Freeing Bing Bong and Jangles0:57:270:59:161:49
Waking Up in Cold Sweat0:59:161:00:050:49
Anger plans (part 2)1:00:051:01:201:15
Discussion on the Train1:01:201:02:361:16
An Act of Dishonesty1:02:361:03:120:36
Joy Gets the News1:03:121:04:060:54
Preparing for the Trip1:04:061:04:200:14
An Act of Desperation1:04:201:06:292:09
All Hope Lost1:06:291:07:200:51
Memories Long Lost1:07:201:09:161:56
The Purpose of Sadness1:09:161:10:311:15
Making it Upwards1:10:311:13:433:12
Onset of Depression for Sadness1:13:431:16:022:19
Onset of Depression for Riley1:16:021:16:390:37
Joy's Absolutely Crazy Retrieval1:16:391:18:101:31
Breaking the Window1:18:101:18:560:46
Undoing the Damage1:18:561:20:031:07
Revealing What You've Done1:20:031:24:003:57
Parent/Daughter Bonding1:24:461:25:230:37
Playing for the Foghorns1:25:401:26:210:41
Emotions, Overall1:26:211:28:201:59
Cast and Crew (with side bubbles)1:28:201:32:234:03
Cast and Crew (without side bubbles)1:32:231:34:171:54
Disney and Pixar logos (closing)1:34:171:34:400:23

Appearances of major charactersEdit


  • D - Dialogue (character speaks at least one line)
  • d - Indirect dialogue (e.g. in a memory or a dream)
  • P - Physical (character does not have lines, but makes a physical appearance)
  • p - Indirect physical (e.g. in a memory or a dream)
  • M - Mention (character does not physically appear, but is mentioned)
  • m - Indirect mention (not mentioned by name or closest equivalent, but it is implied that they are mentioned)
  • * - Mind (the scene takes place at least partially in their mind)
Appearances of major characters
SceneJoySadnessBing BongFearAngerDisgustRileyMomDad
Riley, Age ZeroDDP*DD
Joy and her CoworkersDDDDDD*PD
Riley's Memories and Islands of PersonalityDPPPPP*DD
Riley's Life MontageDPMDPPD*DD
The New HouseDDDDDD*DD
The Time OutsideDDDDDD*Dd
Joy vs. SadnessDDDPPp*p
Before Riley is informedDDDDDD*DD
Riley is informedDDDDDD*DM
Joy vs. Dream ProductionsDP*pd
Joy Dancing SceneDP*pp
Joy plansDDDDDP*
The Walk to SchoolDDPDD*DD
Breakdown at ClassDDDDDD*pp
The Journey to Long-Term MemoryDP*
Assessing the DamageDDM*
Dinner Table SceneMDDDD*D*D*
Back to the QuartersDDDDDP*D
Hiking through the MazeDDM*
The ForgettersDDM*
Riley Andersen vs. MegDDDD*
Friendship Island Post-MortemDDM*
Meeting Bing BongDDDM*
Reminiscing Riley and Bing BongDDDp*
The JourneyDDDM*
Abstract Thought ActivationDDD*
A Mayoral TourDDDM*
Hockey TryoutsDDDD*D
Sometimes, Loss is ImportantDDDM*
Anger plans (part 1)DDDP*MM
A Studio in the MindDDDM*
Riley's NightmareDDDDd*
A Sudden InterruptionDDDDP*
Following the GuardsDDD*
Riley's Darkest FearsDDM*
Freeing Bing Bong and JanglesDDD*
Waking Up in Cold SweatDDDPP*
Anger plans (part 2)MDDDP*MM
Discussion on the TrainDDDp*pp
An Act of DishonestyPD
Joy Gets the NewsDPDM*
Preparing for the TripDDPP*
An Act of DesperationDDPP*DD
All Hope LostDD*
Memories Long LostDp*
The Purpose of SadnessDdp*pp
Making it UpwardsDDM*
Onset of Depression for SadnessDDPDDP*DD
Onset of Depression for RileyDDDP*
Joy's Absolutely Crazy RetrievalDDM*
Breaking the WindowPPDDDM*
Undoing the DamageDDDDDD*
Revealing What You've DonePPPPPD*DD
Parent/Daughter BondingDPDDDD*D*D*
Playing for the FoghornsDDDDDP*
Emotions, Overall
Deleted scenes
Riley Grows UpDDMDDD*
Joy's DeclineDPDDPD*DD
DVD extras
Riley's First Date?DDDDDD*D*D*
Mind CandyPPPPPPP*
Quick ThinkingDDDDDD*
We Should CryDDDDDP*
Shoes of DoomDDDDDP*
Five Second RuleDDDDDP*
Meet JoyPP*
Meet SadnessPP*
Meet FearPP*
Meet AngerPP*
Meet DisgustPP*
Supplementary books
The Bing Bong BookDM*
Inside Out: Driven by EmotionsDDDDDDD*DD
Video games
Inside Out: Thought BubblesDDpDDD*
Disney INFINITY: 3.0 EditionDDDDD*

Download linksEdit

Download links
Riley is informed
Joy plans
Riley Andersen vs. Meg
Anger plans (part 1)
Anger plans (part 2)


  • The screenplay of Inside Out has 299 mentions of "INT." and 81 mentions of "EXT.", for a total of 380 scenes. The disparity between this and the 59 scenes (excluding the credits scene) as listed here is because, according to the formal definition of a scene in film, a new scene starts whenever a new location is entered or a time skip is involved, and Riley's Headquarters and wherever she is in the outside world are considered to be two different locations, creating many scenes that last a few seconds and consist of a single shot.
    • Those counting "INT." in the screenplay must beware of a line in Anger plans (part 1): "Anyway, it was better, that’s my point.", which inflates the number of occurrences to 300.
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