“Jill Andersen prides herself on keeping the family stable and in check. With her boundless enthusiasm, she always finds the time to cheer on her daughter's ice hockey games. Though an unwavering supporter of her husband's new business venture, the move to San Francisco has proven even more work than this tireless mom expected. And now, her previously enthusiastic, upbeat daughter seems withdrawn and quiet.”
―Official description of Riley's mother on the Disney website
“What did we do to deserve you?”
―Jill Andersen on her daughter[1]

Jill Andersen is a supporting character in Inside Out parodies. As Riley Andersen's mother, she often strives to tell her the good news to keep her happy, making her the informer of the parodies, though not nearly as imbecilic as Otto Günsche.

In Inside OutEdit

From Riley's birth, she was loved by both of her parents. Her mother especially knew how to relate to Riley's feelings and keep her company; though, this was to the partial detriment of Riley, as Jill told her to keep her happy facade even in the face of unpreferable circumstances such as the move to San Francisco. In addition, she is much more likely to be seen together with Riley than her husband, who, due to owning a startup, is mostly absent from the family life.

Unlike Riley's mind, which is led by Joy, Jill's mind is led by Sadness. However, despite this, Jill is generally happy, meaning that there is a combination of factors in play, such as Sadness relinquishing console time to other emotions and not necessarily being related to being sad, also being related to being sympathetic.

In parodiesEdit

There are very few scenes in Inside Out featuring Jill, due to the main focus being on her daughter and her mind. Therefore, she is only a supporting character of the parodies at best, and her characterization is not changed much from Inside Out.

However, she is a notable character in the "Riley is informed" scene. In the original, Mrs. Andersen informs her of the moving van status and her husband being busy, before conceding that Riley has stayed happy throughout the entire move, and asking her to remain happy and be the light in the family's life, no matter what happens. In parodies, however, she usually informs her of a political event, and tries to put a happy spin on it by imagining a favorable circumstance, such as the disbanding of the European Union and the reforming of the Soviet Union.

Jill's emotions make a very brief, non-verbal appearance in Jill reacts to being told Riley has emotions guiding her; the clip used is when they react to the Brazilian helicopter pilot's memory.



Mrs. Andersen Günsche
Both informers are close to the ones they inform.
In their original scenes, both inform, at least in part, about a missing person (Mrs. Andersen about Mr. Andersen, Günsche about Fegelein).
In parodies, both inform of political events, out-of-universe events and do promotions.
Information given is relevant and factual. Stupid drivel, to the point of annoying Hitler.
Smart, likely to indulge in detail about what she is informing Riley about. Idiotic, often making random quips he is unable to follow up on when Hitler asks.
Mrs. Andersen is Riley's mother, and therefore, her legal guardian and superior. Hitler is the leader of Nazi Germany, and therefore, Günsche's superior. He and Günsche are not closely related.
Always puts a happy spin on what she is informing Riley about, and leaves her on a happy note. Usually informs Hitler about bad news without remedying qualities, infuriating him.
Only leaves Riley after having made sure that she is happy. Is known to leave Hitler before he has even finished ranting.
Visibly flinches once Riley slams the table. Does not budge one bit once Hitler slams the table.

Mary SlikkEdit

Mrs. Andersen Mrs. Slikk
Both are mothers of the parodies' main characters.
Supportive of her daughter to a fault, and often listens to her requests. At best, neutral towards her children and only listens to them when they annoy them.
Spends a significant amount of time together with Riley. Only spends time with her children when it's absolutely necessary.
More significant than Riley's father. Less significant than Leopold's father.
Has a voice actress in Inside Out. Is primarily depicted by text-to-speech programs.


  • Due to unclear writing on the credit card found in her purse, some people believe Jill to either be actually named "K. Ann Anderson" or else have stolen the credit card of K. Ann. See An Act of Dishonesty#Trivia for more details.



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  2. As there is no official Esperanto dub of Inside Out, this name is only revealed via parody subtitles activated via the CC feature.


  1. The original dialogue of the "Riley is informed" scene


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