"Riley Andersen vs. Meg" is a scene used in Inside Out parodies. Its use usually involves Riley Andersen talking on her laptop to a more respectable parody character, such as Adolf Hitler or Leopold Slikk.

In Inside OutEdit

After Riley's first day at school turns out terribly, with Joy and Sadness exiled from Headquarters, Anger, Fear and Disgust are the only emotions left to control Riley. The segment immediately preceding this scene has Joy, in a location in Riley's deep mind called Long-Term Memory, meet a class of Mind Workers known as Forgetters, whose job is to "forget" (dispose of) memories that have faded, and that Riley therefore no longer cares about. However, they point out one memory, namely that of the TripleDent Gum commercial, which, according to them, "will NEVER fade". They then sing along to the commercial jingle, before deciding to "recall" the memory by sending it to Headquarters, where it is seen by Anger, Fear and Disgust, whose reaction is less than pleasant. They then sing along and start ignoring Joy.

Cut to the outside world, Riley is humming the jingle to herself while talking on the Internet with Meg, a friend she left back in Minnesota, on her laptop. Meg pesters Riley with a lot of questions regarding San Francisco, which Riley half-heartedly answers, before asking Meg about the playoffs back in Minnesota. Meg responds that the team is doing great without Riley, before showing a photo of herself and "this new girl on the team" on the phone to Riley. Riley's remaining emotions immediately wildly react, and Anger's newspaper even reads "REPLACED! NO NEED FOR RILEY", in contrast to how it read "GOLDEN STATE, BLUE MOOD" when he heard the jingle in the very same scene. Anger thus crushes the newspaper and intends to act on the console. At first, Disgust and Fear try to stop him, but as Meg mentions mind reading, Anger's head bursts into flames and he acts on the console, and thus, Riley cuts Meg off, closing her laptop.

In parodiesEdit

The rough equivalent of the Hitler Phone Scene, this scene is used to introduce crossovers, replacing Meg with someone else. Therefore, parodies using the "Riley Andersen vs. Meg" scene had far more YouTube views than Inside Out parodies using other scenes, as people are invested in whatever is being crossed over. However, while some Hitler Phone Scene parodies sometimes feature Karl Koller and merely pretend he is some sort of official, "Riley Andersen vs." parodies, so far, have universally eliminated Meg.

So far, all "Riley Andersen vs." parodies by CreativityTheEmotion follow the same plot. In it, Riley is on a school project involving an intercultural exchange (hence the playlist name Riley Andersen's Intercultural Exchange), and therefore strives to find a perfect exchange partner. So far, she has dismissed Leopold Slikk, Adolf Hitler and Hermann Fegelein, the last of whom made her consider stop looking for Germans in general. In addition, the Führerbunker arc features a sub-plot, in which the bunker has invented a time-travelling telephone, allowing Riley to contact the bunker in the first place. However, as Riley cuts Hitler off, he commits suicide in despair, and realizing this, Riley has a breakdown at school. Fegelein, on the other hand, is moderately pleased with Hitler's death, and declares Riley "her favorite 11 year old", as well as granting her the power to commit antics.

However, "Riley Andersen vs Drachenlord" by JJ All-star features a different plot, in which Riley has subscribed to Drachenlord Rants Parodies, a collaboration parody channel based on Drachenlord which JJ All-star used to be a part of (and which the video was originally uploaded on before the channel was deleted due to TailzParodies' meddling and recreated as Neo Drachenlord Rants Parodies), and Drachenlord himself asks her to unsubscribe to that channel and subscribe to his actual channel, which Riley does not agree to and eventually, due to his attitude, cuts him off.

The initial shot, featuring the TripleDent Gum jingle, usually replaces the jingle with another earworm. The use of earworms in Inside Out parodies in general is very different from that in Downfall parodies; see Inside Out parodies#Earworms for more details.

A prominent part of this scene is Riley's use of her laptop, which can be used to depict Riley doing something beside chatting with people on the Internet, such as watching videos and live performances, as seen in Hitler watches Burgdorf concert, also by JJ All-star. Notably, in this parody, various modern media devices have to be edited into the scenes featuring the Führerbunker, but the only editing required for Riley's sections is to replace the screen with Burgdorf's performance. In case Riley is still using the laptop to chat with someone, Meg's username (Meg082000) will be replaced with the username of Riley's actual partner, usually made up by the parodist, but occasionally having some truth to it, such as "DracheOffiziell" for Drachenlord.

Riley's laptop has also been used as a "superweapon" once, immediately after Fegelein granted her the power to commit antics. Thus, her closing the laptop resulted in an explosion. JJ All-star has nicknamed this superweapon "Riley's laptop of doom" in a comment; however, the name is yet to appear in an actual parody. In addition, since the collapse of Friendship Island immediately follows Riley closing her laptop, this is very likely the only time when a superweapon (in the form of a mundane object) has appeared and caused significant damage in the source work, rather than in its parodies.

In addition, the shot from the "Anger plans" scene where Riley opens her laptop can be used in conjunction with her closing the laptop in this scene to imply that Riley isn't really stopping using the computer altogether and just wants to cut the person she is chatting with in the most visual way possible, as her simply clicking something on the laptop would not show the same amount of emotion from her.

The scene, in its original cut, ends without a concrete conclusion. In Inside Out, it is immediately followed by Riley's Friendship Island collapsing, with Joy in disbelief that Riley lost another island, and resolving to get back to Headquarters via the "long way", while Sadness says "Goodbye friendship, hello loneliness.". In parodies, as they usually feature a prominent ranter as Riley's conversational partner, they can use the scene used for them to conclude their arc, then (if the parodist has the full video file of Inside Out, rather than video files for scenes separately) cut to another Inside Out scene and conclude Riley's arc.

Another distinction that comes from the choice of Riley's conversational partners is her attitude as she cuts them off. In Inside Out, Meg irritates Riley merely by talking about the new girl, and Riley assumes that she will no longer be able to be friends with Meg, an assumption with no clear foundation. However, in parodies, Riley's conversational partner is more likely than not prone to anger outbursts rivaling those of Anger himself, giving her a clear foundation for cutting them off, even though, as Anger is prominent in Riley during this scene, she may also be a hypocrite for refusing to talk to someone who is predominantly angry.

The major exception to all of this is Riley Andersen vs. Adolf Hitler, which primarily uses the structure of the Hitler Phone Scene with Riley replacing Koller, rather than the "Riley Andersen vs. Meg" with Hitler replacing Meg. However, it still features an epilogue with another scene from Inside Out, after editing suggestive of Hitler committing suicide after dropping the call. Also of note is the fact that in "Riley Andersen vs. Adolf Hitler", all five of Riley's emotions are at her Headquarters (with footage from other scenes of Inside Out used), rather than just Anger, Fear and Disgust.

Despite the name, the use of this scene has nothing to do with either the Hitler Vs series or the various "Angry German Kid vs. Angry [nationality] Kid" videos that AGK parodists make. Both of these have even been mocked by CreativityTheEmotion.

Stage directionsEdit

Source: (official release by Disney, but now removed from the original website)

Capitalization and punctuation is preserved from the original source.

Stage directions

Fear, Anger and Disgust are having a peaceful morning. The memory drops into Headquarters, playing at full volume.

Tripledent gum will make you smile! Tripledent gum! It lasts a while--

Wha-- this again!?!


The Forgetters walk away, laughing and singing.

(following them)
Wait! Do you know how to get to Friendship Island?!


Riley, laptop on her stomach, hums the Tripledent gum song.

MEG (O.S.)
(on the computer)
Do you like it there? Did you feel any earthquakes? Is the bridge cool?

Yeah, it’s good. What happened with the playoffs?

We won the first game. Coach says we might actually go to the finals this year. Oh, and we’ve got this new girl on the team. She’s so cool.


Oh, she did NOT just say that.

A NEW GIRL? Meg has a new friend already?!


Hey hey, stay happy! We do NOT want to lose any more islands here guys!


We can pass the puck to each other without even looking. It’s like mind reading!


You like to read minds, Meg? I got something for you to read right here!
(grabbing the controls)

DISGUST[note 2]
No no no, what are you doing?!

Wait, wait-- let’s just be calm for one second--

Anger snaps Fear’s nose like a rubber band. Anger slams the controls forward like a lunatic.



MEG (O.S.)
I heard they have parrots living in-

I gotta go.



Riley slams down the computer and SCOWLS.


  1. This scene, unrelated to events in Headquarters, is classed as "The Forgetters (outro)".
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Anger, Fear and Disgust are talking simultaneously. While, to distinguish who is talking, Fear and Disgust's subtitles are colored by CreativityTheEmotion, Fear's subtitle being light purple and Disgust's being light green, Anger has the lead and therefore his subtitle remains white.


  • All nicknames of Riley's contacts seen on her chat program, ChatMaster, are references to the crew of Inside Out:
    • Meg082000 - Meg LeFauve, screenplay writer
    • Shion2u - Shion Takeuchi, story artist
    • DocPete - Pete Docter, director, writer and voice of Dad's Anger
    • Ronnify - Ronnie del Carmen, co-director, story writer and voice of the male Abstract Thought worker
    • Samantha81 - Samantha Raja, simulation artist
    • Valpal - Valerie LaPointe, story artist
    • Domeeeee - Domee Shi, story artist
    • Tony2ya - Tony Fucile, animation sketch artist
    • garranator - Nancy Garretson Case, listed under "Finance"
    • rocknrolldc - (likely) Michael Giacchino, composer


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