This article is about Riley Andersen's Sadness. For the general concept of Sadness as an emotion, see Emotions#Sadness.
“None of the other Emotions really understand what Sadness's role is. Sadness would love to be more optimistic and helpful in keeping Riley happy, but she finds it so hard to be positive. Sometimes it seems like the best thing to do is just lie on the floor and have a good cry.”
―Official description of Sadness on the Disney website
“[...] even if your character's a comedy gold mine.”
―Olesya Zheleznyak, her VA, describing her own character[1]

Sadness is a character of Inside Out parodies. Originally being the deuteragonist of Inside Out, her role in the parodies has become relatively minor, to the point where the most notable event featuring her is her being put into a "Circle of Sadness" in "Joy plans" parodies.

In Inside OutEdit

Sadness was born on the same day as Riley. Initially, she and Joy both struggled to become Riley's lead emotion, but within a few years, Joy emerged victorious and has been controlling Riley, giving emotions other than Sadness their roles. Meanwhile, Sadness is seen by the other emotions, Fear, Anger and Disgust, negatively, as they also share Joy's view of Sadness.

Joy eventually realizes Sadness's role in Headquarters during the plot of Inside Out, when both she and Sadness are kicked out of Headquarters. Eventually, Joy comes to terms with the fact that sometimes, one needs to feel sad about certain events, such as Riley's recent move to San Francisco and missing Minnesota, in order to move on, and thus, Sadness becomes accepted in Riley's Headquarters.

In parodiesEdit

“Hey! Have you thought about being sad, just like me?”
―Sadness, to Joy, in all seriousness[2]

Sadness receives little to no appearances in parodies, and has even been omitted from CreativityTheEmotion's channel trailer due to having no notable lines to fit in. This is partly carrying over from the mentality of Riley's emotions in Inside Out, who see little to no value in Sadness, and once she and Joy are gone, only really realizing that Joy is gone and not Sadness.

Her only notable, recurrent appearance in parodies is in those using the "Joy plans" scene. In it, while Joy assigns every other emotion a task in whatever she is planning, she simply draws a chalk circle around Sadness, purporting that she should stay inside the circle and not ruin anything. The circle itself is thus much more joked about than Sadness, being contrasted with a square in The Emotions play Minecraft: Java Edition, being intended to hold the entire Inside Out character base in Joy plans to expand the Inside Out Discord to include the rest of Pixar and being part of a larger "1000" written on the ground in Joy plans for ASBusinessMagnet's 1,000 subscribers.

At other times, Sadness may provide a valuable insight; however, Joy can establish very clearly why she thinks the plan will succeed, without getting mad like Adolf Hitler does, and therefore, Sadness is universally dismissed.

Despite being the second emotion to be introduced in Inside Out, she is actually the last emotion to be introduced in Andersen's Mind, due to scenes featuring Anger, Fear and Disgust being cut in before the beginning of Inside Out.



Sadness Jodl
Both voice their objections nearing the end of their planning scenes.
Both are dismissed by the planners.
Distant, remorseful tone. Aggressive, "pointing out" tone.
Joy continues with her plan despite Sadness's objection. Hitler throws a tantrum once Jodl objects.



  1. As there is no official Esperanto dub of Inside Out, this name is only revealed via parody subtitles activated via the CC feature.


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